Also, don't miss 'The Widow's Gift' tomorrow, Saturday 29th!

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Jesus' Final Hours

The debut tour is set for Saturday, July 6th! Register now to attend this tour via Zoom! Thereafter, more dates in July will be set and will also be available on the Meek Travel website as an 'Anytime Tour'.

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"This was my first Zoom tour about the Widows gift and it was great. The information including the facts and what could have been is exactly how we need to think to get the best out of Bible accounts. Thank you very much!" – AN

Dive into the profound narrative of an unnamed widow whose two small coins cast a timeless lesson in humility, sacrifice, love, and wholehearted devotion to Jehovah. Tomorrow!

Saturday, June 29th

Hawaii: 11:00 AM • California: 2:00 PM • Arizona: 2:00 PM • Colorado: 3:00 PM • Houston, TX: 4:00 PM • Vermont: 5:00 PM • New York City: 5:00 PM • London: 10:00 PM • South Africa: 11:00 PM

Zoom ID: 704 348 7317
Passcode: 200300

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Audio Tours Are Coming Soon!
Meek Travel is constantly innovating to enhance our tour offerings, and we’re excited to introduce audio tours! We’ve just developed a new method to host these tours and will be releasing podcast-style versions of our tours, along with other engaging content, in the coming months. Stay tuned!
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