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NEW Dates for "The Ark!" Virtual Interactive Bible Tour

"This was so well put together. All the detailed information. I really enjoyed it!"

A review of our virtual Bible tour, "The Ark!"

“The Ark!” virtual tour on Zoom invites you to step into the shoes of a participant in Noah’s extraordinary undertaking. Will you be a pivotal force in the construction of the ark, or will you face the challenges of a skeptical crowd, indifferent to the impending flood? Your decisions matter as you navigate through this interactive journey.

🗓 Saturday, February 17, 2024

  • California (PST, GMT-8): 1:00 PM
  • Colorado (MST, GMT-7): 2:00 PM
  • Houston, Texas (CST, GMT-6): 3:00 PM
  • New York City (EST, GMT-5): 4:00 PM
  • London, UK (GMT, GMT+0): 9:00 PM
  • Spain (CET, GMT+1): 10:00 PM
  • Canberra, Australia (AEDT, GMT+11): 8:00 AM (next day)

Meeting ID: 704 348 7317
Passcode: 200300

Also available: Monday, March 11, 2024 @ 6:30 pm (GMT-5)

Jesus praying during his last hours on Earth
Walking By Faith: Jesus' Final Hours
This is the tentative title of Our upcoming virtual Bible tour, perfectly timed for the Memorial season! We're in the final stages of refining this immersive experience and can't wait to unveil it. Keep an eye on our social media channels - Instagram, Facebook - and this email newsletter for the official announcement of tour dates. Stay tuned for more updates!
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